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Planning a road trip is exciting at the best of times, but when you’re thinking of taking to the road while pregnant, a little more planning might be required to ensure everything goes smoothly – whether you’re going from A to B or planning to drive through the whole alphabet. With an extra passenger along the way, it’s no surprise that a little extra work is needed to help everything go off without a hitch. Being informed is the best way to ensure all goes well. Road trips can be an incredible way to enjoy a holiday, but having all the information there for you can help make your road trip while pregnant one to remember.

Here are just a few of the things you should keep in mind if you’re planning to go on that next great road trip while pregnant:

Set aside a little time to move every hour and a half

While it may seem like a hassle to pull into the services or take a break from travelling every hour or so, you’ll soon thank yourself for taking the time to stop and have a breather if you’re going on a road trip while pregnant. At the best of times, travelling by car can feel cramped and uncomfortable after a while, but for pregnant women, swollen ankles, feet and even leg cramps are common side effects of sitting still in a car for a long time. Taking the chance to stretch out and rest is the best way to ensure the rest of your trip is more comfortable, and to ensure any unnecessary swelling is reduced to a minimum.

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Plan plenty of toilet breaks

Alongside taking the time to stretch and generally relax outside of driving, it’s well-known that pregnant women often need to go to the bathroom far more than usual. After all, there’s usually a knee, elbow or foot comfortably nestling right on the bladder to help you along. If you’re choosing to stick to your own country for your road trip, you might think you don’t need the same amount of planning as you might do for travelling abroad while pregnant. But mapping out usable bathrooms and facilities is just as crucial as getting vaccinations sorted for travelling abroad if you want to avoid unnecessary discomfort or worse.

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Ensure you keep up with proper nutrition

It can be tempting to fall into easy habits on road trips – whether it’s choosing junk food over the healthier option, snacking on the go instead of eating proper meals or drinking less to avoid bathroom breaks. But for pregnant women, it’s vital to maintain the right nutrients; especially for those with morning sickness, where an empty stomach can make everything worse. Opt for simple healthy snacks and make sure to stop for proper mealtimes, as well as plenty of water if and when possible. Nutrition is essential, and staying hydrated is vital.

Dress comfortably

It may be tempting to go all-out with your clothing, but your baggiest tee shirt and joggers are a whole lot comfier if you’re planning to be in the car for hours on end. There’s always the opportunity to get changed when you get where you’re going, and even kicking your shoes off is a good idea to reduce swelling on your feet and ankles for long spells in the car. Comfort over style is the best way to go every time if you’re planning to go on a road trip while pregnant. However, you must always keep your seatbelt on at all times, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. If required, extenders are available as well as padding to make belts a little comfier, but they are a must for your safety and the safety of your little one.

Are you planning a road trip later this year? Whether you’re newly pregnant or you’re going to be further on for that next epic adventure, planning is the best way to ensure both you and your extra passenger are safe, happy and raring to go. Wherever your destination is, a road trip is a fantastic way to see more – especially if it’s done the right way.

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