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So you want to know more about us?  Well it’s my pleasure to give you some of the details, though there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary here.  I’m Jimmy and I’m the author of this website/travel blog dedicated to sharing experiences traveling with my family.

We are a normal family, one who has a permanent residence with regular lives.  I have a full-time career, and my wife Charity is a stay-at-home mom.  Our children go to regular schools and have regular friends.  I say that because there are many other travel blogs about nomadic families who roam from place to place and don’t call one place home.  That’s not us.  We are your average American family living the American dream, who love spending time together, and who love traveling together and seeing different places.

To date, between my wife and myself, we have traveled to all 50 US states, 30 countries, and 4 continents, and our children have been with us on most of those adventures.

From a young age I have been fascinated with visiting other places.  I love it!  It’s my life’s passion if you will.  Besides spending time with my family at home, I love seeing different places with them.  I know many families who choose not to take their children with them when going on vacation, especially to exotic destinations and foreign countries.  I can understand the need for a break, believe me, however we personally love taking the kids along because they get to experience different cultures, see things they read about in text books, and build memories that simply cannot be replaced.  We have a lot of fun too!

In our travels I’ve learned a lot of things, both about destinations – both domestic and international, and about traveling itself.  I’ve learned a few tricks you might say and things I wish we knew the first time!  l like sharing this kind of knowledge because I’d like to see others not make the same mistakes we have, and also because I simply enjoy sharing my experiences with others who enjoy traveling, and I love to write!

For years I’ve been adding reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and sharing information in travel forums and then the idea hit me – why not create my own personal site?  So here we are.   I truly hope you enjoy reading about our travels and if you have any questions about a destination or anything at all, please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me, and I will personally get back to you!  Also check out my travel tips and fun stuff section!  I’ve included things you may really enjoy, and some things that can save you money and a lot of wasted time and hassle.  Thank you again for your visit to my site!

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