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Excellent!  You made it!  This is where to start.Hi! I'm Jimmy

Off with the Kids is a website about traveling with the family.  It’s a travel blog aimed at young families with children, however anyone can benefit from it if you are looking for great adventures both domestic and abroad!  As of right now it is brand new, so please give me some time to create the awesomeness!

I decided to create this blog to share personal experiences from our family’s travels (we have a lot of fun!), and to help others who share the same interests.  My plan is to include stories from our journeys, destination guides, travel tips, and full itineraries for families interested in taking trips like the ones we have.  I LOVE planning travel adventures and helping others who love to travel as we do.  I am NOT a licensed travel agent, but I have enough experience to be one.  My hope is for this website to inspire others to travel and to share their experiences as well.

Here is a brief explanation of how the site is laid out:


Within this section are posts categorized by location.  Right now there isn’t too much in there, but eventually I plan to have links to locations based on countries around the world, and US states.  Within each link I plan to break down various activities each state/country has to offer, and tell you a little about what we have done in each.

Travel Tips:

This section is another work in progress, but I plan to post some REALLY useful tips in here.  Traveling as much as we have you get to learn a few tricks of the trade, and things that can save you both time, aggravation, and MONEY.  I have many to post, but can only write so fast, so please subscribe and new posts will come straight to your e-mail inbox.

Fun Stuff:

Traveling with kids has to be entertaining for everyone.  This is a bonus section where I plan to put together some fun activities for the car, plane rides, and things to make the long boring parts of a trip less boring.  Feel free to print them out!  I’m also planning on including some unique posts that could be fun for movie lovers who enjoy filming locations!


On the top menu all the way on the right you’ll find a little magnifying glass icon.  This is where you can search the entire site on any keyword you want.


I’ve gotten some great comments on my logo design, therefore I’d like to give the much deserved credit to HolyokePaperCo.  More than just a paper company, Holyoke Paper Co. creates custom branding and offers numerous services, and the designs are stunning! 


If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link to send me an e-mail and I will personally respond in a timely manner.   Please also feel free to leave a comment on any post you like, and please remember to SHARE!  This is very important to help my site grow so I really appreciate it if you don’t mind sharing an article you enjoy!

Thank you so much!

Please help me spread my blog by sharing!
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